The Farm

Lucid Farms is a premier cultivator of CBD and CBG hemp cultivars in Central Oregon. With Smith Rock in our backyard and a community of family and friends powering our team, we live to share the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids with the world. 

With more than a decade of experience cultivating medical cannabis in Oregon, we have the skills and knowledge to provide you with the finest artisanal hemp flower possible. We use organic practices to grow indoor and outdoor hemp for both smokable and topical purposes. And because we believe in preserving the earth that provides us with such an amazing plant, our products are pesticide- and fungicide-free.

We are stewards of the land and of this plant. We take pride in cultivating with our hearts and our minds. When you use a product from Lucid Farms, you become a part of our community, and you can feel good knowing that honest, hard working people are behind it.